Eliminate Eye Strain with Pinhole Glasses

Published: 03rd March 2009
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Pinhole glasses are those manufactured from opaque metal or plastic lens, through laser technology, that contains diminutive holes distributed evenly across the lens. They are also popularly known as aerobic or eye workout glasses. They are fastened to frames and sported before the eyes to correct any visual anomalies and shield eyesight from solar radiation. Stenopeic eyeglasses meaning "small aperture", as pinhole glasses are popularly called, has a history ranging scarcely from the mid 1900's. During 5th century, Chinese inventors created pinhole glasses that were originally used in photography.

Pinhole eyeglasses endure over a prolonged period since they eventually do not deteriorate vision. They are manufactured from durable plastic which comparatively requires less cleansing, when compared to ordinary eyeglasses. Contemporary products in the pinhole glasses category look alike to sunglasses with a noticeable curve in the lens side. The pinholes are coated in modern glasses that camouflage the tiny openings and protect eyes from ultra-violet solar emissions. The light that enters the eyes is not deflected but penetrates tiny holes leading to better clarity in eyesight.

Pinhole eyeglasses eliminate strain and relax the eyes while watching stationary or moving objects that are directly located in the front. They are known for their ability to exercise the eyes and correct refractive visual defects like myopia, cataract, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbiopia. Pinhole eyeglasses are more effective in perceiving distant objects that appear centrally opposite the spectacle user's position. Consequently children, old-aged adults and people who utilize computers frequently benefit from wearing pinhole eyeglasses.

The wide esteem of pinhole glasses can be imagined from the fact that they are used in most Asian countries, America, United Kingdom, India, Japan, Russia, China, etc. Pinhole glasses can be worn to view objects from any natural distance without the need to substitute glasses. They improve clarity while reading, view objects located anywhere and are relatively lightweight compared to ordinary eye glasses. The reasonable cost and resilient nature of pinhole glasses make them viable for exclusive possession, especially for kids who are reckless and require clear vision of what is written on blackboards.

Sideways vision is restricted while wearing these glasses and hence driving automobiles is not advocated by manufacturers or supporters of the technology. The pinhole eyeglasses impede entry of radiant light thereby restricting light intensity and oblique vision. Pinhole glasses have not gained recognition because opticians seldom prescribe them for their patients who require corrective glasses for visual defects. But they are an indispensible tool for doctors to diagnose visual imperfection.

Mike has been writing and publishing articles about health products. He recently came across a website on pinhole glasses which gave information about this old technique of using pinhole glasses for eyesight correction. Here's an article about pinhole glasses.

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